CAMELOTIA is a knitting apparel studio created by Raquel Silva and João Gennebra based in Viseu - Portugal.

In their home studio they create unique designed pieces, carefully handcrafted using a knitting machine, a slow and detailed process that takes a lot of time and attention to delivery the products that you can find in CAMELOTIA shop.

João and Raquel are portuguese born designers and artists, they have attended to ESAD - Caldas da Rainha in the areas of Design and Visual Arts and since then they have been working with ancient techniques that privilege handmade and craftsmanship. For the past years they have develop interest on the knitting machine - CAMELOTIA is the result of the study and research on this area - a tool soon to be forgotten that once was really important on the manufacturing process of knitwear in a small and domestic scale.

Proudly handmade in Portugal with local portuguese yarns.